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How I got into running

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

“I should have married a golfer“

It’s all my wife’s (Taryn’s) fault! I always joke and say I should have married a golfer. It would have been a lot less effort than this – haha! 

It all started in 2010.   We went down to support her parents running the world’s ultimate human race – The Comrades Marathon – a gruelling 89km race that is only for the toughest of the tough. 

After getting up at silly o’clock (think about 3am), I was one miserable supporter. Whilst being half asleep en route, we waited in the dark and cold for what felt like ages. Finally, we heard the helicopter which meant that the leaders were coming. My heart started pumping and excitement levels went through the roof. It was at this exact point that I knew I was chosen for running. It was almost like a calling. The buzz I got from seeing those inspirational leaders coming through is the same buzz I still get to this day from running.

Most supporters couldn’t believe how crazy these people were to run 89 kays. Not me. I was on the side jumping up and down wishing I had a race entry and a pair of running shoes so I could join in on this epic race.

Taryn and I then made a deal that we would run this race in 2014, as that would give us sufficient time get our minds right and train for this beast. We blinked and next thing it was 2014. We’re the type of people that once you commit to something there’s no going back.

We trained properly completing our first marathon in 2013. We did a couple more marathons during the build-up. We both completed Comrades in 2014. I finished in a time of 7.14 (silver medal) and Taryn did a 8.52 (Bill Rowan medal which is half silver, half bronze). About 80% of the runners finish the race between 11-12 hours.

So we were over the moon with our performances as novice to this daunting race. I vowed that I would never ever do this race again. That this was a once off and finally I had done it. But the problem is, once you finish your first Comrades, it’s the most unbelievable, emotional, almost indescribable feeling. That’s the exact feeling that hooks Comrades runners in year in and year out.

If you have the ability to do this race, then it’s something as a runner you simply have to do one day, so you can experience this feeling for yourself!

Since then my goals have changed but my attitude towards running hasn’t. It is a sport that I am extremely passionate about and one of the most rewarding sports out there. What you put in is what you get out! I am now a full-time running coach and am blessed to be able to follow my passion and do something I truly love.

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