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Athlete of the Month – January 2020

From this year I’ll be introducing my chosen ‘Athlete of the Month’.

The very first winner of this award is Mr consistent Joe Anderson!

Joe has hit almost all the sessions this month, besides two. One of them was due to work commitments, the other of which was caused by a knee niggle.

He’s kept the easy and recovery runs very slow, allowing him to be strong for the faster sessions and hit even quicker paces than originally set for him. He’s had to switch runs around occasionally due to work commitments which is completely understandable, but the main thing is that he still manages to get the sessions done.

His comments after almost every run are valuable and allows me to track how he’s coping with the load, thus making adjustments along the way. These comments are also great for if ever we have to go back in time and pick up how he felt relative to the pace he was running in previous weeks/months.

A half marathon PB is potentially on the cards at Hampton Court in 3 weeks’ time. But the main goal is Barcelona Marathon in 7 weeks’ time and I cannot wait to see how he does with his dedication and commitment he has shown in January. A very important month in the build up to Barcelona. Good luck and I’m backing you!

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