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Athlete of the Month – January 2021

The Athlete of the month, for the month January is.... Andrew Georgeson (AG)

Andrew has been knocking on the door to be Athlete of the Month for quite a while. His time has finally come! Starting the year off right that’s for sure!

When I met AG for the first time, he was wearing a fresh pair of bright Vaporfly’s for a grass track session. Quite uneven ground, not ideal for Vaporfly’s. But it didn’t stop him one bit! From the first rep he took off the same way as when you drop a mento into coke! His first rep was insanely fast! His last rep, well not as fast, but that’s what I like about AG too. He’s not scared to risk if for the biscuit and go hard from the start.

Yes it does hurt to run like that when you’re in the red from early on, but it does get you fitter and help you realise exactly where your limits are. AG goes out hard from the start every race or time trial, and every time he sustains that pace for Justalil longer! Soon enough, with that strategy he’s going to be able to hold that pace the whole way.

Month after month AG has just been delivering and he, like a lot of us, are just itching for races to go ahead! I know I say this all the time, but his performances are largely down to his consistency over the past few months, combined with hitting almost all session within his training plan. He has managed to shave times off his PBs month after month. Mid December he joined me at Dorney Lake for a 5km race where he broke 19 minutes for the first time.

Fast forward a few weeks and he has shaved even more time off his 5km PB. Flying around Dulwich park in 18:18! With splits as follows;

1st km: 3:27

2nd km: 3:39

3rd km: 3:45

4th km: 3:44

5th km: 3:44

Once again with the strategy of ‘go out hard and hang in for dear life’!

A few more months of consistency and regular t-rack sessions and I have no doubt he’ll be able to hold 3:27s the whole way.

Our training group has got a virtual race coming up at the end of the month. He has committed to doing the half marathon. Can’t wait to see how he gets along! His PB is most certainly in trouble!

To run the part, you have to feel the part. I always comment on AG’s arm sleeves and ask him if he thinks he’s Mo Farah. I now ask Mo Farah if he think he’s AG??!!




Who will be the athlete of the month for February??

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