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Athlete of the Month – June 2021

The Athlete of the month, for the month June is.... Alison Horn

In June Ali completed the South Down Ways 100 Miler! YES A 100 MILE RACE in one go!

Cut off for the race was 36 hours, she came in well inside that. Finishing impressive time of 25h 33m!

For a race like this preparation is key. 100 miles a very long way and we wanted to ensure Ali’s body was as prepared as best as possible for this journey. She put in a lot of hard work in the build up to the race. One of her longer runs was 80kms! Kudos! For a race this far you’re never going to run the distance (or even close to) in training.

What an experience, what an achievement and what an inspirational run this was to the rest of the team. Not just from the physical side of things but the mental grit and strong will it takes to finish 100 miles in one go is hugely respectable.

Here are some words from Ali when I spoke to her after the race;

‘We started at 5AM and the heat set in very early. We decided to get as many calories as possible early on because of the heat and length of the race. Sun eventually seemed to get the better of me and then sickness started kicking in.

The elevation and terrain was brutal and at 75 miles my legs just went. But I carried on and my support crew couldn’t believe I did it! Yes I hit dark times AND my on top of that my watch died. But I came out smiling the other side. Lots of lessons leant! Would I do it again?? Eeerm I am already looking for another 100 miler, haha!’

Let’s be honest, when you’re running for over 24 hours, you’re going to go through a whirl wind of emotions and I’m just really glad Ali came out on top! Well done once again and I am one super proud coach! Next on the list for Ali in July is the Race To The Stones. When it rains, it pours! Good luck champ!




Who will be the athlete of the month for July??

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