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Athlete of the Month – March 2022

The Athlete of the month, for the month March is.... no surprises here.. Anya Culling!!

Let’s just start off by saying that ran a 2:43 marathon at Rome and finish 7th LADY OVERALL!! Taking off 10 minutes from her previous marathon which was Valencia in December 2021. Yes 10 MINUTES! Ranking her in a top 10 UK time for the year to date!

She is the first ever Best Athletics athlete to win athlete of the month twice!

There were some incredible performances from the team over this past month, but this has to take it!

Anya ran equal splits, consistently pacing her race to perfection!

Professional performance!

Execution at it’s finest!

Smiling from start to finish!

This performance came as no surprise to me. She’s been showing up week in and week out! Combine that consistency, with the right attitude and pure talent and it’s one deadly combination!

She went head-to-head in this race with Dan Barratt, who also ran an impressive race (2:49 and cracked that magical sub 2:50 barrier). But a bet is a bet and Dan had to down a pint out of Anya’s salty marathon shoe!

Is a rematch on the cards one day? We most certainly hope so!

The sky is the limit for Anya, actually I’m not sure there is even a limit. At 23 years young, there is still so much to come from this superstar! Apart from the talent, hard work and world class performances, I personally think it’s her WINNING attitude that is her best attribute! It’s infectious to all around her!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and can’t wait to help you get there!

Let’s keep grinding, keep showing up, keep running for the love of it and trust me, the results will naturally come! We at Best Athletics are backing you to go all the way to the TOP!

As Anya likes to say;



Who will be the athlete of the month for April?

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