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Athlete of the Month – April 2022

The Athlete of the month, for the month April is.... Kristoffer Dalziel!

Check this out;

He started running in lock-down 2020

Fast forward two years later and he’s done;

- 1 hour 20 minute marathon PEEBEE, finishing Manchester in 4h 37m!

- Lost 11kgs between then and now!

- Has run 407 miles this year so far, which is more than any other year and it’s only May!

- Enjoying his running more than ever, being a part of the Best Athletics team!

Need I say anymore!

This is seriously impressive!

Prior to Manchester marathon we decided that a time of sub 5 hours would be a big win! I knew Kristoffer was in better shape just by seeing him string together consistent weeks! Although we all know a marathon is a marathon and knocking off more than an hour would be a big ask.

Manchester marathon was a GREAT day for the team where just about everyone reached and exceeded their goals. Kristoffer has a biggest improvement of the day. A whopping 30% improvement!

He has an ultra-coming up in June (Rat race – the Wall)! Really cool to see how he just started off jogging a few kms a day at the start of lock-down, to now running massive marathon PBs and doing ultras too.

Another thing to note is that when he started, he signed up for an annual package from the go! Showing his intentions, commitment and dedication. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but then again, in running it never is, especially when you’re pushing boundaries! We’ve grinded through the tough times and are now reaping the rewards!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you mate and a 30% improvement is just out of this world! Let’s keep going!


Who will be the athlete of the month for May?

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