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My Daily Routine

A big part of how I’ve been able to progress from a 3h 17m to a 2h 20m marathoner over the years is down to this daily routine.

It helps get my body into a position where I’m allowing myself to be as productive as possible for when it comes to running sessions.

As runners we tend to just run and neglect these small bits that all add up and make the difference.

It only takes 15 minutes!

15 minutes of YOU time! Away from your phone and distractions!

Running is tough! So this it’s a mentally easier session, that includes a bit of strength and conditioning, core, stretching and mental rejuvenation.

I feel it really helps keep niggles and potentially injuries away too.

I hope it can help you like it’s helped me.

I used to do it every day. I now aim for every second day as life has been busy however I’m hoping I can build it into my daily routine very soon again.

DISCLAIMER: I did this sessions with 35kms in the legs.

I decided to keep it real rather than filming it when the body was fresh.

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