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23 Consecutive Sub 3 Hour Marathons

“I did my first ever marathon in 3.17 and wondered if I could ever break 3 hours.”

A record that I am extremely proud of and don’t plan on ending anytime soon. A marathon is a long way and I know the day will come where this streak will be broken, but for now I’m enjoying maintaining this sub 3 hour marathon record.

I did my first ever marathon in 3.17 and wondered if I could ever break 3 hours. Given how sore I was after this marathon I wasn’t sure I would ever break the 3 hour barrier. A lot of my 23, sub 3 marathons were achieved in the build up to Comrades. I’ve always said training for Comrades (if done properly) is harder than the race itself. Grinding out mostly even and negative split marathons at sub 3 hour pace, week in and week out was a great way to get the legs used to this pace and distance.  

It’s incredible what you can build your body up to. Sub 3 marathons became a comfortable training run which is why I decided to aim higher and target a sub 2.30 marathon. After trying for 3 years I finally achieved this at Berlin, finishing in 2.29. By far my most rewarding running goal, made even sweeter by the fact that I missed it by 2 seconds at London Marathon. 

I’m currently targeting shorter distance goals but still plan on doing 2 marathons a year. I’d like to run London Marathon every year and add in an international marathon, preferably one of the big 6 until I get that huge medal. I know I’m capable of going faster, just how fast I’m not sure, but for now I’m enjoying each and every sub 3 and finally getting that sub 2.30 monkey off my back

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