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Testimonial from Anya Culling

Nick’s coaching makes you feel like a local legend of the world. Somehow he has mastered the perfect combination of tough ass plans that also encourage you and make you believe you can do anything you set out to achieve.

He has given me confidence and motivation to smash my targets; who would have thought 2 years on from my first marathon and joining Nick’s coaching I could improve my marathon time from 4hrs 34 at London 2019 to 2hrs 52 at Valencia 2021.

Plans are personalised to every degree, from pace to heart rate to number of reps, and Nick’s always on hand for any advice / questions.

Genuinely as much of a mate as a coach. He understands we all live different lives and will tailor to you personally.

A huge yes from me, a plan I can genuinely stick to and want to stick to, the perfect balance between challenge and reward.

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