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Testimonial from Dan Barratt

I joined Nicks team and Best Athletics in July 2020, 8 weeks before I was due to race London Marathon. I’d been a keen runner for a while but found my progress towards a sub 3 hour marathon hitting a plateau, alongside struggling to hold myself accountable to my training. Nick has been able to provide a personalised structure, varied sessions and calculated progression whilst holding me accountable to my training.

He is always on hand to answer questions, tweak plans to my schedule week by week and offer his expertise to help take my running to the next level. I ran a 2:55 time at Brighton in September coming 42nd in one of the UK’s biggest marathons alongside hitting a whole host of PBs and personal goals since. I have not looked back.

I’m now working with Nick towards some big goals in 2022 at Rome and London marathons this year where I hope to reach well below a 2:50 marathon time.

As well as being a dedicated running coach, Nick’s attitude towards hard work and achieving goals is a solid example to follow in all walks of life.

Alongside his personal coaching, he has also created a really inclusive club environment full of fantastic people that I am now really proud to be a part of.

For anyone thinking about taking their running more seriously, take the jump and be your best with Nick and the team at Best Athletics”

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